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Manage your season in a fast and easy way with YouCoachApp. Access to the exclusive contents made for subscribers.
YouCoach gives you all the tools to be a professional inside and outside the field. YouCoachApp is the app designed on soccer coaches needs.

Benefits of the subscription

Discover the many advantages of the subscription plans of YouCoach

Access to YouCoachApp

With the YouCoachApp subscription you can keep your drills and training sessions in a safe place and access them at any time from any device.

Exclusive content for subscribed users

Subscribed users have access to selected e-Videos, Webinars and e-books available on YouCoach. More content is provided for free during the season. You will get instant access to much of this content right after the purchase of your subscription to YouCoachApp.

Customer support

If after the purchase you need help in getting started or you want to be sure you are taking full advantage from all the features of YouCoachApp, a tutor will help you to maximize your success, by explaining all the features and replying to your questions.


Digital Assistant for Coaches
YouCoachApp is a tool for everybody. With YouCoachApp it is possible to manage all the aspects of your sport season. Through easy and quick to use features, you can manage training sessions, games, drills, staff members and players.
Do you want to save your soccer drills and use them during the creation of your sessions? Having access to a vast ready-to-use professional drills? Would you like to be able to design your soccer drills with animations? Would you like to share with your players information and videos or get feedbacks from them? Or maybe you would like to simply save all the data about your games in a single safe place? You can do all of this with YouCoachApp.

Why choose YouCoachApp

Created with the best technologies . The best tools inside. Full support. Professional practices and drills.

Wherever and whenever you want

Manage your team and season from any device.

Save your time

Save time selecting soccer drills and games from our vast professional database

Easy to use

Create your training sessions with the drag and drop.

Save your work

Enrich your private database with your own drills.

Create animated drills.

With the drills editor you can choose between more than 600 figures of men, women and children and create animations of your drills to easily explain how they work.

Obtain detailed statistics

By just inserting the main information about your work, such as the players present at each training session and who will play each game, you will be able to get detailed statistics about the entire team and about each single player, to measure your progresses and monitor the effectiveness of your work.

Simple and effective tools

  • Monitor and analyze the statistics and progresses of your teams during the season
  • Setup your season by defining your periodization
  • Manage your practices, training sessions and matches
  • Edit, store and manage easily and quickly all your personal practices: YouCoachApp is your personal digital agenda
  • Create your own practice library
  • Over 400 ready-to-use soccer training programs suitable for each Phase of the United Soccer Coaches Methodology

Create drawings and animations

With the new graphic tool included in YouCoachApp you can use more than 600 figures of men, women, children, referees, goalkeepers and coaches to create effective images of your soccer drills.
By using arrows and geometrical shapes, by changing the field prospective and inserting the required materials, you can easily digitize your personal collection of drills and have it always available online. All your data will be preserved forever and will always be at your disposal.
With the new function "Animation" you can easily create animations of your drills.
No download required and it works on any device such as smartphone, tablet and PC.

Your season always with you

Discover YouCoachApp in this video showing its main features: managing the season of your team will never be the same.
Use the best tools for your job and keep all your data and information in a single place.
Start watching this video to discover all the potentialities of YouCoachApp.

Download the new mobile app for iOS and Android

A new digital experience that allows you to accesso to YouCoach website contents and to the main features of YouCoachApp directly from your smartphone.
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YouCoach Plans

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63.92 USD/year
  • Unlimited access to all the website content
  • 1 team
  • 120 training sessions
  • Manage players and staff members
  • Export training sessions as PDF
  • Access to drills progressions
  • Access to special contents
  • Animated drills
  • 20% discount on eBooks and Videos
  • Subscribe now


71.92 USD/year
  • Unlimited access to all the website content
  • 2 teams
  • Unlimited training sessions
  • Manage players and staff members
  • Export training sessions as PDF
  • Access to drills progressions
  • Access to special contents
  • Create animated practices
  • 35% discount on eBooks and Videos
  • Subscribe now


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  • Manage all the teams in your Soccer Club
  • Unlimited training sessions
  • Manage players and staff members
  • Export training sessions as PDF
  • Access to drills progressions
  • Share drills and training sessions with staff members
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